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How to use an Eye Pillow October 21, 2014 14:46


How to use your Eye Pillow

So, you don't get the whole Eye Pillow thing? 

Wondering how to use an Eye Pillow?

  5 Reasons to try out an aromatherapeutic Eye Pillow:

1. Excellent remedy for relief of Migraines, Sinus Headaches or Relaxation

1.  During YOGA: Aroma-Therapeutic-Savasana Just throw one in your yoga mat bag!    

2. Take 5 De-Stress @ Work:  Peaceful Space + Eye Pillow = Happier & More Productive ~ Place an Eye Pillow on top of your warm Computer =  Scentsational-Transformation

3. Me Time:  Value yourself. Pamper yourself. Love yourself.....first.  Nurture your mind, body and spirit              

4.  For Your Child: Introduce the benefits of Aromatherapy to your Child. Recommended for Children who struggle with Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Sleep Disorders

Aromatherapy is one of the most natural ways you can improve your mood and enhance your Life

Treat yourself to an Eye Pillow

We think you're worth it!

Why Customers Love Us! September 12, 2014 12:58

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Cure for MOODiness August 20, 2014 18:24

mood body oil hunki dori

  Take 20% off any MOOD Body Oil 

4oz or Sampler Pack

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expires August 31, 2014

6 OMazing aromas

Try them all!


Make everyday a SPAcation

1.  Daily Use

Instead of lotions (lotions do NOT penetrate your skin like oils).  Lotion scents fade quickly but oils last longer and do a much better job lubricating the skin especially, during the dry winter months.   Our oils are not "greasy"...they absorb into your skin quickly leaving a healthy, smooth glow.
Instead of perfume. MOOD oils have that "It Factor".  Perfumes can ignite sneezing or a flash back to granny's who over spritzed.  

 2.  Massaging

Hands move smoother over tired body parts with oil.  Ditch the lotions and hand your Masseuse a bottle of oil instead.  The beauty of oils vs. lotions is that you use much less!  A 4oz bottle will last you a few months (unless you're lucky enough to have massages everyday).

3.  No Sensitivity

Body Oil is great for those of you who have sensitive skin. It is very mild and can act as a healer, much like aloe since it's completely natural.

Migraines standing in the way of your SPAcation?

Eye Pillows are the perfect solution that's completely natural

~ Cotton  ~ Washable  ~ Made in USA  

~ Gorgeous Fabrics  ~ Great Gift for under $20!



Come to the Yoga Mat Bag Expert! August 12, 2014 12:32

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yoga mat bags

Summer SALE! July 11, 2014 14:37

New products just added to our Summer Sale inventory. 

Now is the time to splurge on yourself or someone you




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Eye Pillows...



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Summer Photo Post

Be Extra Knoti May 9, 2014 12:54

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Be extra Knoti ladies!

Expanding into Tote Bags April 22, 2014 17:08


Expandable Tote Bags





Our Totes go from everyday schlepping to travel.  Since it has expandable sides it will accommodate chunky, cumbersome objects such as towels, diapers, veggies, clothes....toy poodles.

Such a versatile, chic and unique Bag that is worth every penny.  Contrast lined with cotton web shoulder or hand strap.  Magnetic closure with interior pocket.  Expanding sides with velcro closure.

Customer's reminding us Why... April 4, 2014 12:48

A recent Facebook post reminded us again why we have many of our Bags produced at Freeset.

See below....


"Glad I did a bit of homework before buying my yoga mat bag. I found a beautiful natural jute bag from Hunki Dori a retailer who buys bags from Freeset USA , a fair trade business that employs women from Kolkata, India who would otherwise be trapped in the sex trade market. Feels good to spend my money with those who do good."

Hunki Dori can help your Migraines ...say what? April 4, 2014 10:30


Hunki Dori

Eye Pillows and Turbas

May help relieve your Migraine?


migraine triggers
migraine triggers

How to narrow them down?

Start a Migraine Diary

Document for 30 days. Adjust your life accordingly.

See a doctor if home remedies are not enough to relieve your pain.

Home Remedies for Migraines

Eye Pillow

(room temperature, warm or cold) placed on your eyes or forehead

Tie something around the head such as a 


Don't dehydrate, this is a migraine trigger, drink plenty of water 
Lie in a dark quite room 
Don't consume caffeine because too much can cause headaches,
...but if you don't consume it and feel a migraine starting, drink a beverage that has caffeine.

 How to Prevent a Migraine?

Oldies but goodies…old-fashioned Home Remedies:

    Drink fresh carrot juice 

    Drink hot green tea with jasmine 

    Massage the forehead to the base of the skull 

    Inhale vapors of a mixture of:

    One tablespoon camphor, and one tablespoon of spirits of ammonia.

    Soak the feet up to the ankles in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes. This brings blood down to the feet, thus reducing the pressure on the head. Also if you're anemic, and the forehead becomes cold tie a hanky around the forehead and drink a small cup of strong black coffee.

      Try to get enough SLEEP and keep sleep patterns the same.

      Try to RELAX and find a HOBBY that brings you joy

      Treat yourself to a MASSAGE (MOOD Body Oils) if possible

      MEDITATE each day.

      You may not get a headache soon after food is consumed. It may be a day or so before one has a migraine attack. And that makes it harder to remember what we have eat, or drank the day before. Many people endure nearly constant headaches, never dreaming the cause could be something in their diet, something we all love to eat.

      eye pillows can help headaches

      Foods and Scents can cause Migraines 

      It's believe that out of around forty five million headache sufferers, and twenty eight million migraine sufferers (just in the USA alone) there are millions that suffer from migraine food triggers.

      You may not get a headache soon after you consume something.

      It may take up to a day.

      That's why it's so important to keep a Migraine Diary. Just print it off and keep track of the migraines, and what was consumed up to a day before the attack. 

      You may not get a headache soon after food is consumed. It may be a day or so before one has a migraine attack. And that makes it harder to remember what we have eat, or drank the day before. Many people endure nearly constant headaches, never dreaming the cause could be something in their diet, something we all love to eat.

      Many foods, food additives, and other food-related constituents contain chemicals that affect the constriction of cranial vessels that triggers the migraines.

      Migraine Food Triggers

      • Tyramine, found in some cheeses, red wine, pickled fish, and certain types of processed meat.
      • Chocolate, cocoa and carob.
      • Nuts (including peanut butter even though peanuts are not a nut, but a legume)
      • Citrus fruits, bananas, figs, red plums, and raisins.
      • Beans
      • Fruits such as bananas, citrus fruits, and avocados. 
      • Pickles, marinated food.
      • Dairy product such as aged cheese, sour cream.
      • Fermented products such as soy sauce, and breads with high yeast content.
      • Processed meats such as hot dogs, sausage bacon, and ham. 
      • MSG found in most processed foods especially in canned soups.

      Migraine Drink Triggers

      • When it comes to migraines, better to put on a pound than drink diet sodas.
      • If you were to go solely by the information about aspartame that you can find on the Internet, you might very well think this product was created by the devil himself.
      • But if there's any chance the migraines may be from drinking this, stay away from it.
      • Aaspartame is highly addictive, believe it or not.
      • When you drink one, not long after that you want another.


      Histamine is in wine and beer.

      If sensitive to dust, pollen, or any foods, the body makes extra histamine, then if you consume red wine, or even champagne, two much histamine can give a migraine attack.

      Fragrances, Smoking, and Stress, can also trigger Migraines.

      The others, like the changes in the WEATHER that one has no control over, are a bit tougher.


      Parts of the content for this Blog was taken from Disclaimer: The above is for information only. Don't delay going to a physician because of something you've read on this website. - See more at:
      Copyright 2009-2013
      This website is for information only.
      Don't delay going to a physician because
      of something you've read on this website. - See more at:
      Copyright 2009-2013
      This website is for information only.
      Don't delay going to a physician because
      of something you've read on this website. - See more at:

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      Patricia shares her LOVE

      Flowing Turba-lance March 3, 2014 15:19



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      Single Layer casually styled for gym day...beach day...bad hair day

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      turbas new hairom hunki dori

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