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Customer's reminding us Why... April 4, 2014 12:48

A recent Facebook post reminded us again why we have many of our Bags produced at Freeset.

See below....


"Glad I did a bit of homework before buying my yoga mat bag. I found a beautiful natural jute bag from Hunki Dori a retailer who buys bags from Freeset USA , a fair trade business that employs women from Kolkata, India who would otherwise be trapped in the sex trade market. Feels good to spend my money with those who do good."

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Let's get ICONic May 22, 2013 10:12

What do our Hunkis want to know about our products?  

Who * What * Why * When * How

We start with the basics...but what shoppers really want to know is the Story.   Some product stories are simple and others more colorful and diverse.  

To help customer's learn a bit about our products we provide written information in a variety of locations:

Product page

Collections page

Products & Ordering page

Partners page

and now...


We've introduced 3 Icons which will provide shoppers with even more product facts with just a click!  

Made in USA          USA+World         Freeset