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Denise D. 10/30/17 - Scented Flannel

The flannel is amazingly soft! I have a satin eye pillow from another company but won't even use it now that I have this one. Everything is right about this pillow; the soft fabric, the light scent, the amount of flax and lavender, and the size that allows it to perfectly rests across my brow bone and eyes. I plan to get more as gifts. When I bought this one I didn't realize the company also makes covers for them so I will be ordering those as well. I use my pillow every night and it soothes me into sleep.

Barb B.  10/21/17 - Scented w/Cover

Was a gift..she LOVED it

Sara S.  10/22/17  - Unscented Cotton

Fantastic product! The cotton is soft and cool to the touch, it is nicely weighted and the the flax seed smell is not overpowering. The only reason I gave it four stars was because of the packing. There were several typos, the most noticeable being 'Amderican Made'. Not a huge deal but it would deter me from giving as a gift. Definitely recommend though! 

***NOTE:  typo has been fixed

Lana R. 10/21/17 - Unscented Cotton

as looking for a nice, unscented affordable eye pillow to use during the guided relaxation portion of my Pilates classes. These are great. Perfect for the clients who are sensitive to smell or allergic. I simply tell them to pick from the basket of solid color pillows! Fast shipping. Great quality. And I'm about to order a second set because my class is so popular! Who does love closing their eyes, drowning out the light and drifting away for a few minutes each day.

Elizabeth B.  10/20/17 - Scented w/Cover

Love my eye pillow. Excellent customer service. The were out of one of the patterns I requested. They still shipped the other items and enclosed a letter apologizing. They said to contact them with my next choice and they would ship it immediately (even if it was a higher priced item) at no charge!! WOW. Dont get service like that very often. I will reuse this company over and over.

Brianna W. 10/18/17 - Scented

Yoga Eye Pillow satisfies all the senses.

This Yoga Eye Pillow feels good on the eyes, smells delicious and is beautiful to look at.  It will be a toss up whether I'll enjoy it more in my yoga class or lying on my sofa at home.  Namaste' or Namastay....it's all good!

Alexander S. 10/16/17 - Scented

Great eye pillow. Smells amazing and has a cute pattern! Got it as a present for my wife, she uses it for meditation and at bed time to relax and fall asleep faster. She loves it!

Jonathan B. 10/9/17 - Scented

Very happy with the pillow!

I bought this eye pillow as a gift for my wife to use at home during her yin yoga practice. She loves the look and weight of the pillow, it feels great on her eyes and makes her feel calm, relaxed, and at ease. The pillow looks exactly like the picture shown and the material is very soft. The lavender smell is not overpowering and she has is excited to try it warm and cold on her eyes either before bed or when she gets headaches. We definitely recommend this product and it arrived earlier than expected!

J. Hutt 10/9/17 - Tropical Scented

The product arrived before expected and with great packaging. I am very happy with my purchase!

Jessica H. 10/8/17 - Scented

They have a nice weight to them and it's always good to have extra on hand as you never know when you'll lose one (or multiple!) of them. I use mine during Savasana as part of my restorative yoga practice. The scent is a nice bonus that helps with relaxation.

Jonathan C. 9/25/17 - Unscented Flannel

fast delivery good product girlfriend love it ! thanks !

Sarah J.  9/19/17 - Scented Cotton

Very happy. Smells wonderful. Fully recommend to someone who practices and those who don't.

Alexandra C.  9/8/17 - Scented Tropical

This eye pillow is exactly what I hoped for. I work night shift, and the relaxing scent helps me sleep while the pillow blocks out light. The slight weight of the pillow makes it even more relaxing than an eye mask.

Lowen L.  10/7/17 - Unscented Flannel

Just what I was expecting. I use it for my Yoga Nidra practice. Comfortable eye pillow and convenient washable cover.

Daniel B.  10/6/17 - Unscented Flannel

I have three of these now. Best eye pillow I have found.

Minyong L. 10/5/17 - Unscented

Nice product as your pain reliever.

Joanie B.H.  10/2/17 - Scented Tropical

smells wonderful, and the fabric is soft and soothing, in a fun graphic print!

Amazon Customer 9/27/17 - Scented

Love the smell of this pillow! Bought it for when i go into labor to use and relax. This was a gift for myself and it shipped super fast. Love the size too!

Karah P.  9/23/17 - Unscented Flannel

Perfect weight and size. I look forward too many restful shivasanas and naps with this lovely pillow.

Matthew D.  9/22/17 - Scented Cotton

I love my new Eye pillows. I ordered a scented and a non scented one and used it the first time at the end of my yoga class. It helped me relax on a whole new level. I have on next to my bed too and put it on my eyes when I go to sleep.Love it!

Trekkergram 9/17/17 - Unscented

This is a terrific eye pillow. The fabric is a soft unbleached fine weave muslin, I think, and should wear well. Sturdy stitching. It is just a nice weight, definitely there but not too heavy. I prefer the unscented because of my allergies, though the seller has other options, and it also would be possible to just spritz lightly with water that has a drop or two of essential oil. It does have a slight odor from the seeds, but I imagine that will fade over time.

I find it pleasant at nap time just at room temperature, but I also put it in the refrigerator for about half an hour and it is the perfect temperature to sooth my eyes, which get sore from shots and allergies. I find a cover very useful, because I often have medication around my eyes and don't want to stain the cover. It is possible to wrap it in a tissue or fine hankie, but a cover is very handy to have.

Martin C. 9/15/17 - Scented Tropical

Great scent and super fast shipping

Ingrid 9/13/17 - Scented w/Cover

I usually buy in the store, price of products are more expensive than online, but I found the same price and quality in the Internet is such a good product, very good in general. This will come in handy Love it. Love this thing They are so awesome. And really good quality Good bargain

Jill A. 9/11/17 - Scented

I love it. I use it for Restorative yoga and meditation. Smells so good and caresses my eyes.

Erika P.  9/9/17 - Unscented Cotton

Beautiful fabric and nicely weighted. Used for a sound meditation class, and our students loved them.

M.Cats 9/6/17 - Scented

Perfect for headaches. Relaxes you with the aromatic sent. Love it

Daelyn 9/6/17 - Scented Tropicale

So cute and comfy! Great feed back from clients so far ! Thank you

Kenya D.  8/28/17 - Scented Cotton

Lovely and highly functional eye pillow. Used for meditation practice and Shavasana. Lightly scented and not overpowering smell of lavendar. Love the weight and rests nicely on eyes.

Lynn G. 8/28/17 - Scented Cotton

Love it...smells good. Will buy again.

Savvykdj 8/28/17 - Scented

Like a nice little massage for the eyes and smells lovely. Ahh......

Love my new eye pillow! Use it during meditation and Shavasana. Lightly scented and not overpowering smell of lavender. Nice weight on the eyes that almost feels like a nice little eye massage. Will order more as gifts.

Amazon Customer  8/27/17- Scented

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself with this!

Love my eye pillow! I have been incorporating it into the end of yoga practice and also have enjoyed using it when I need a brief moment to relax. I love the smell and the print is pretty!

Belinda H.  8/23/17 - Unscented Flannel

Does everything it claims

Hulda S. 8/23/17 - Scented Plaid Flannel

Good deal! Amazing product , amazing service , amazing item, Unbelievable quality I will be buying more. Can't go wrong with that! Well designed. Great product. I am so glad I made a right choice

Amy J. 8/8/17 - Scented

Beautifully made and smell heavenly

I bought these for my four daughters. They love them and refuse too go to sleep without their "eye pillow". Helps them fall asleep faster with the perfect amount of lavender. Beautifully made. Highly recommended! Plus, they shipped these next day delivery for me!!

Gail S.  8/2/17 - Scented Tropical

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this eye pillow. I use it for my restorative yoga class and also whenever I want to go to sleep. I put it over my eyes and soon feel a sense of peace and calmness even on the busiest of days. I love the smell.It might even be helping with my undereye circles! I know that I am definitely sleeping better now that I have this eyepillow. Thanks for such a great product!

Karna D.  7/31/17 - Scented Cotton

This was exactly what I was looking for. The quality is excellent. The 9.99 price can't be beat.

Kelly S.  7/29/17 - Unscented Flannel

This is a large, heavy eye pillow. Definitely get your money's worth. The bag is full and the one I purchased is velvety soft. I use this to block out light and relax my eyes when falling asleep; that is why I like the weight. Will defiantly order again. Arrived on time. Great service overall.

Jane J.  7/23/17 - Unscented

Very pleased with the quality of the eye pillows.

Laura 7/22/17 - Scented

Comfortable weight, stays on even if you are a side sleeper. Smells delish. I get much better sleep when using this. High quality fabric.

Jennifer T. 7/17/17 - Scented w/Cover

I use them more as neck pillows as they are perfect size. I heat one up in the microwave for 20 seconds, and place it on my neck to relieve my neck and shoulder pain. The heat and aroma help me fall asleep fast. I bought so many different kinds of neck pillows, these eye pillows turn out to be the only ones that I can use. I also love that they come with covers so I can wash them.

Brian S. 7/16/17 - Scented

Bought this for my girlfriend. She absolutely loves using it after doing yoga to help with meditation. The item arrived way sooner than expected, which was also great.

Regina 7/13/17 - Scented Plaid Flannel

Soft and aromatic and fun plaids!

Pamela S.  7/10/17 - Scented Cotton

So soft and smells lovely!!!

J.T.  7/1/17 - Scented w/Cover

Love the product! I found them when I was looking for neck pillows. I've had shoulder and neck pain for over a year. Using them as heating pads can really relieve the pain. I also use them as neck pillows, which help me fall asleep easily!

Laurie D.  6/30/17 - Unscented Cotton

I love this item. Just as described and so natural. I also ordered one for a friend.

Jessica W.  6/20/17 - Scented w/Cover

Love the size & filling of the pillow. I don't like the Velcro closure, its bulky for an eye pillow.

Maura D.  6/19/17 - Scented Cotton

I have used eye pillows in my massage practice for years and these pillow are great. The fabric is very nice and fragrance perfect!

Elizabeth H. 6/19/17 - Scented Cotton

Love this eye pillow. Wear it at night. Helps me to relax and go to sleep. The size is great and love the lavender smell. It isn't strong but has a mild scent. Great shipping and fast.

Regina Y.  6/14/17 - Scented Tropical

Love them ordering more

C. Mitchell  6/8/17 - Scented

Love these eye pillows

I have both this eye pillow and their blue and white leaf eye pillow. I love the flannel one for relaxing and I keep the cotton one in the refrigerator, ready for a headache coming on.

Dixie Z.  6/4/17 - Scented Flannel

This eye pillow is perfect. I bought it to replace one I completely wore out, and I was so surprised that this eye pillow is even better than the one I was using. The size and weight are perfect and the scent is mild. I will get another one for when I travel.

Kelly G.  6/3/17 - Scented

I use it to help settle down to go to sleep and it helps so much.

Mary E. 5/31/17 - Plaid Scented Flannel

Very please with the service and time frame from shipping to arrival

Fawn J.  5/19/17 - Scented w/Cover

These look and smell great.

Meredith  5/18/17 - Unscented & Scented

I love this eye pillow cover! I like the idea of being able to keep my eye pillow clean, so a cover is a must have. This cover is like an envelope pillow case, once you get your eye pillow inside, it is completely covered and will not inadvertently come out. All of the seams are smooth and the fabric is of a nice quality and I like the pattern. I have already washed it and it washed nicely. I purchased this for myself, and have received so many compliments from other students at the yoga studio I go to. These would be a great addition to a yoga studio, the studio I go to has eye pillows you can use, but they do not have removable/washable covers, so they ask you to use a tissue between the pillow and your eyes, since they are for communal use. I also bought the PeaceGoods 6 pack eye pillows and I am very happy with them as well! I use them in my yoga practice, and I use the extras for my kids. They love using them as they are falling asleep at night. You can also put them in the freezer to cool them or in the microwave to heat them, so they have many uses other than for just yoga.

John 5/24/17 - Scented

she loves the weight of the pillow and the smell is so nice! It puts her to sleep right away and ...

The eye pillow is for my wife, she loves the weight of the pillow and the smell is so nice! It puts her to sleep right away and wakes up refreshed.

on 3/12/17 - Scented Cotton

Color: Violet|Verified Purchase

M. H.  3/11/17 - Unscented Cotton

Great organic eye pillows. I'm glad to find an unscented option, since I use these with yoga clients and some have allergies/sensitivities. These pair really well with the eye pillow covers also offered by this brand

Rochelle 3/11/17 - Eye Pillow COVERS

These are really well made, with a lot of attention to all the little details that matter in a high-quality product. I bought 12 of these covers along with several of the unscented flax eye pillows for savasana at the end of private yoga sessions, and have received a number of compliments on them so far. The fabrics are an assortment of lovely bright-colored prints-- the colors don't bleed or fade in the wash and the covers didn't shrink or pucker at all. The stitching around the logo tag on the back also coordinates with the colors of each individual cover. They look great with the rest of my Manduka and Hugger Mugger yoga props and add a nice pop of color. I will definitely order more of these at some point, but the current batch seems like it will hold up well to long-term, frequent use and washing!

 Michael A. 3/10/17 - Unscented Flannel

Love these!

Anne O. 3/9/17 - Unscented Cotton + Cover

I bought these eye pillows to help me relax when going to sleep at night and when I wake up in the middle of the night. I believe they are helping me. I bought the pack of them so I can give one to my daughter who is having sleep issues also. The material is soft and the weight conducive to relaxation.

Tyler P. - 3/9/17 - Unscented Flannel

Great quality of product and fast delivery! Highly recommend!

Kathryn H. 3/8/17 - Unscented Flannel + Cover

Item is just as it is described. Very nice quality. Well sewn. I am happy I made the decision to get the cover so I can wash it when needed since the pillow is not washable

Despalier L. 3/8/17 - Amazon FR - Scented Cotton

Article conforme à la description et de bonne qualité , la livraison a été rapide car reçu le premier jour de la fourchette donnée . Je pense que cet article a un très bon rapport qualité prix étant donné le prix habituellement élevé de ce type d'article

Rochelle H.  3/7/17 - Eye Pillow COVER

Very nice quality. No shrinking or twisting. Colors are bright and true. Easy to fit on eye pillow. Doesn't slip off.

Mela  3/5/17 - Unscented Flannel

Good little pillow. I got it for use during yoga, to help me relax at the end. I wish it was a little heavier for a little more pressure, and that it came with a removable cover (instead of having to buy it separately).

Lindsey N. 3/5/17 - Scented w/Cover

Bobbi S. 3/5/17 - Scented Flannel

It is very soft and smells delightful!

Courtney D. 2/26/17 - Cotton Unscented

Fantastic customer service and the eye masks are beautiful, very excited to use them in the yoga studio!

 Donna N. 2/25/17 - Scented Flannel

Lovely little pillow. Helps me relax, smells great.

Pamela H.  2/22/17 - Scented w/Cover

This is a lovely item. The recipient is thrilled...Exactly what she had hoped for. The weight is perfect; she says the sleep it allows is the best she's had in a long while. I will recommend it to all sleep deprived friends!


Roman S. 1/18/17 - Scented Flannel

Five Stars!

Very nice and soft eye pillow

Fada S. 2/17/17 - Unscented Flannel

Absolutely love these eye pillows! I am a yoga teacher and they are perfect for bringing relaxation to any class. My students don't report any itching or odors from the pillows either which is a huge plus! Thanks for making these quality pillows so affordable. I love them! PS. the colors rock!!

Nicole C. 2/17/17 - Amazon - Unscented Cotton

These eye pillows are so soft and the fabric is also very catchy.. almost 2 toned or iridescent is my best description. I'm likely to be purchasing more!

Stacy M.  2/15/17 - Scented

I bought this eye pillow for a yoga class. I was wanting to use my own instead of the ones the yoga studio uses. I was a little leary about buying the flannel one because it was so different from any I had seen, but thought it would be a good choice for winter. Oh my goodness, was I wrong. It is the softest flannel I have ever felt. It smells so wonderful. I am planning on sitting it on my night stand just to put the amazing scent in my room. I used it for the fist time tonight at yoga and it was so perfect. I'm so happy with this product and am now going to purchase another for my sister

Marianne J. 2/13/17 - Unscented Flannel

It's beautifully made, and a nice substantial weight that puts enough pressure on the eyes to make one feel relaxed. I use the unscented version at home for sleep, and planning to get a lavender scented one for the office (give the eyes a break from the computer screen)! Highly recommended!

Dorothea K.  2/13/17 - Scented w/Cover

It's cute and very pretty! It fits my dream pillow perfectly! Love it!

Michelle D.  2/10/17 - Amazon - Unscented

I purchased these as gifts for restorative yoga students and they were a huge hit. I had one left over for myself and I have used it daily and just love it. I've tried other eye pillows and this one blows them out of the water.

S.B. 2/8/17 - Scented Plaid Flannel

Great. I use it for yoga. Smells divine

Lotus Flower 2/8/17 - Amazon - Unscented

Definitely an eye pillow that compliments my holistic practice. I adore the pattern and texture. I really appreciate the seller reaching out to me and making sure everything was ok with my order despite the

John W. 2/7/17 - Amazon - Scented Plaid Flannel

I love this eye pillow! Not only does it smell good and is made so nice, it feels heavenly on your tired eyes. I suffer from headaches and this has helped me relax and have some quiet time.


Robert P. 2/6/17 - Scented Plaid Flannel

Fast shipping. Product was as described (if not better). Great seller.

T. Kwin 2/5/17 - Amazon - Unscented

Teri S. 2/2/17 - Unscented

Excellent Eye Pillow.

Jacida T. 1/24/17  - Unscented

Love this eye pillow. I was really glad to find an unscented option.

Jeanine K. 1/17/17 - Scented w/Cover

I have been using eye pillows on patients for 20 yrs now so I am discriminating. It must be washable so the velcro allows for washing and refilling the seeds. The material is 100% organic cotton with beautiful designs. The reason why I am giving it 4.5 stars is that I wish that the length of the pillow were just a tad longer to accommodate wider faces.These are great pillows & I would buy them again seed give you a relaxing feeling.

Michael H. 1/17/17 - Amazon - Scented w/cover

My lavender scented eye pillow arrived today. Super fast delivery. I love the adorable fabric pillow cover. It is the perfect size. Just what I have been looking for to help with my sinus and migraine headaches.

T.M.  1/17/17 - Scented Flannel Plaid

I absolutely love this eye pillow! It is so soft and smells heavenly. The flannel is the perfect, comforting weight for restorative yoga. The lavender and chamomile scent and lightweight flax seed give you a relaxing feeling.

Mariana N. 1/15/17  - Unscented & Cover

It's exactly what I wanted!!! My clients love it!  I plan on ordering more.

 M. Klein  1/9/17 - Unscented

Good service and came on time and great item high quality

Rochelle H. 1/7/17 - Unscented

As a licensed mobile massage therapist, this product is indispensable to me. I work in home environments and don't have a lot of control over lighting, so when my client is lying on my therapy table, this eliminates those concerns. It is very soft and forms to anyone's face without feeling heavy on their eyes. It offers a soothing, relaxing pressure on puffy eyes and allows people who are stressed to close their eyes without "trying" to relax. The materials seem to be very high quality, with perfect workmanship. Nothing bunchy or wonky. Absolutely no odor at all, which is critical for my practice. I will be purchasing more to keep in my various supply bags.

Track and Field Mom 1/17/17 - Scented Flannel Plaid

I absolutely love this eye pillow! It is so soft and smells heavenly. The flannel is the perfect, comforting weight for restorative yoga. The lavender and chamomile scent and lightweight flax seed give you a relaxing feeling.

Amazon Customer 1/6/17 - Unscented Flannel

Giselle  Amazon 1/3/17 - Unscented Cotton

Great quality and I like that they are unscented. Some of my family members are sensitive to some scents. Really helps to relax!

Sharon V. 1/2/17 - Scented Plaid

I use during my yoga class, the color is beautiful and the material is so soft! I purchased one for myself and one for a friend! Well worth the price!