Eye Pillow Merchandising

Eye Pillows are sold to our retail customers in the packaging shown in the photos below.  We do not provide this packaging to our wholesale customers unless requested at the time of order. 
Click "Packaging Option" when placing your order online.
If you choose to order via email, please make a note that you would like the Packaging Option added to your order. Packaging Option includes: clear bags, paper wraps, handling.  Additional fee of $8.00 per Bundle of (6).
                Shown: clear, resealable bag - paper wrap with care instructions & product info


Your Packaging:
Wholesale eye pillows are shipped in bundles of (6) in one large clear bag.  You may create your own packaging that is specific to your store. Please print the Care Card (see below) and enclose it in your packaging.
Other ideas: white or kraft tissue paper with a ribbon tie or sticker
Group other products with an eye pillow such as body oils, lotions, candles, yoga mats...into a Box or Basket that creates a "Gift Pack" with a theme (by color, season, or holiday).

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