Give yourself a Deal


Tiered Pricing determines the discount you receive. 

It is based on the order quantity within a specific product category.


When viewing the wholesale prices please take note of MOQs for each product category.  The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) that is listed is specific to each page/product category.  Within these categories, you may mix styles, colors, sizes to achieve your desired MOQ. 


When you see (12) Eye Pillows as the MOQ it means you may order a variety of styles which total a quantity of 12 or more...or you may also choose to order 12 or more of the exact same eye pillow.

Ordering the required minimum quantity for each product category will qualify you for a 40%-55% discount off MSRP prices. Every retailer may determine their own pricing for our products.  The MSRP is the suggested, regular retail price.

LOVEwraps are listed individually. Eye Pillows are listed in Bundles of (4) and (6). 

What a Deal!  Check out our Clearance page for products that have been discounted even more.  This list is updated seasonally.  It includes products that are available in limited quantities/sizes/colors.