Neck & Shoulder Wrap - LOVEwrap - Straw


Straw LOVEwrap -   yellow tone beige-tan, soft, natural lightweight linen

Single Fabric style

Does your achy body need a little love?  Soothe yourself with the warm touch of a LOVEwrap.
Cherries + Soothing Warmth = Love
The LOVEwrap is filled with all natural, cleaned and dried Michigan cherry pits which are known for their ability to hold heat longer than other traditional fills.  Lightweight and unscented.
Our unique, sectional design assists in retaining and distributing heat more evenly. The LOVEwrap is divided into six 4" x 4" sections, that have been filled individually. The sections allow a more balanced distribution of the fill and prevents it from accumulating in one area, especially near the collar bone.
Warm in microwave or cool in refrigerator to soothe tight muscles and aid in healing.
The cherry pits are soft and lightweight (similar to Pistachios).  Total weight of LOVEwrap: 16 oz
4" x 23"   Spot clean with a damp cloth.

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