Eye Pillow "Deep Sleep""

$19.99 $20.00

Face & Back:  block printed geometric-flower, earth tones

Beautifully styled for migraine relief, spa-like relaxation and inspiration for peaceful sleep.
De-stress naturally.  Give yourself the gift of soothing, relaxing aromatherapy. 
Eye Pillow Includes:  4" x 8.5"  soft cotton CASE with herbal mix, velcro closure.  4.5" x 9" COVER is made of patterned cotton, envelope back closure. Washable.
Fill:  8oz. of dried  Lavender, Chamomile, Flax Seed with drop of Lav-Vanilla essential oil to ensure a long lasting fragrance.
Our Covers are made .5" larger than the filled Case to accommodate shrinkage in the laundering process - this ensures a "struggle-free" pillow insertion.
Learn "How to use your Eye Pillow" 

Create a Gift Pack: (1) Eye Pillow Combo + (1) Cover to switch when one is in the laundry

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