Eye Pillow Cover Reviews

Flower Power 10/17/17

Love having covers that are washable as I use them and also use them for others. Love the fabric prints too! Nice, soft fabric.

Summer D. 10/7/17

Beautiful, nice quality, still think it was a little pricey

Trekkergram  9/25/17

Excellent removable washable eye pillow cover

I received this cover as a gift, and I am very pleased with it. I have a plain natural cotton eye pillow, which of course isn't washable, and I am very pleased to have a cover I can remove and launder. It is very nicely made, rather like a European pillow case, and it is easy to fit two pillow corners inside and give it a few shakes to settle then smooth it back flat. The fabric is a nice quality cotton, and should wash well and be even softer over time. I have sensitive eyes, and it is important to me to have natural fabrics. I love my subtle print, but there is a terrific set of options to please all tastes.

Heather C.  9/24/17

Beautiful colors!

I have 3 of these covers in different colors, I use one every night to block the light from my husband's iPad. Only critique would be to use silkier fabrics for the covers.

Haydar H.  5/21/17

Very comfy!

Meredith  3/18/17

Quality Eye Pillow Cover!

I love this eye pillow cover! I like the idea of being able to keep my eye pillow clean, so a cover is a must have. This cover is like an envelope pillow case, once you get your eye pillow inside, it is completely covered and will not inadvertently come out. All of the seams are smooth and the fabric is of a nice quality and I like the pattern. I have already washed it and it washed nicely. I purchased this for myself, and have received so many compliments from other students at the yoga studio I go to. These would be a great addition to a yoga studio, the studio I go to has eye pillows you can use, but they do not have removable/washable covers, so they ask you to use a tissue between the pillow and your eyes, since they are for communal use. I also bought the PeaceGoods 6 pack eye pillows and I am very happy with them as well! I use them in my yoga practice, and I use the extras for my kids. They love using them as they are falling asleep at night. You can also put them in the freezer to cool them or in the microwave to heat them, so they have many uses other than for just yoga. 

Amanda 2/11/17

I like the idea of having a removable/washable cover, plus the print is really pretty.