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2014 Paradigm REVOLUTION December 30, 2013 11:32


Some resolutions are smart for our physical and emotional health and well-being

Quitting smoking, losing weight, managing stress better 

These are all healthy things

But if we don’t address what underlies our needs to light up, order double bacon cheeseburgers, and worry ourselves into frenzies, will it really help to vow on one arbitrary day to give up everything that helps us pretend we’re fine?


An Alternative to Resolutions

Maybe instead of trying to trim away all the symptoms of our dissatisfaction, we can accept that what we we really want is happiness—and that true happiness comes and goes. We can never trap it like a butterfly in a jar.

No amount of medication or meditation can change the fact that we will sometimes get caught up in thoughts and emotions.

What we can do is work to improve the ratio of happy-to-unhappy moments.

We can learn to identify when we’re spiraling and pull ourselves

back with the things we enjoy and want to do in this world.

Instead of scolding ourselves for all the things we’re doing wrong

and making long to-do lists to stop doing them,

we can focus on doing the things that feel right to us.

Excerpts borrowed from Tiny Buddha * by Lori Deschene