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Gift of PEACE December 18, 2013 10:15

Remember our Veterans

this Holiday Season

 The Gift for those who Sacrificed they need Us

Our Veterans have Asked



To assist them in healing through the power of

Prayer, Meditation and Yoga

Our exclusive Mala designs were created specifically for the purpose of giving back to our US Veterans

 malas for veterans hunki dori 

We partner with Mala For Vets and The Giveback Yoga in the promotion of Hunki Dori Malas.  $10+ is donated to the Giveback Yoga Foundation for every purchase of one of our (3) Malas designs to assist in the healing of the emotional wounds remaining from combat.  Please consider making a Mala purchase for yourself or as a wonderful gift for someone special.

 Please check out:  Mala For Vets to sponsor a Veteran with a "Warrior Bundle".



Dad's Need to "Zen-Out" May 30, 2013 11:39

We think Dad's deserve a little Zen-Time....

Okay...okay....we get that they already take time for a cold one...or hitting the links...or the remote attached to their hand.
We're talking ZEN TIME:   on a Yoga Mat....a Massage with Body Oil....with an Eye Pillow & a Candle
Women seem to pamper themselves and understand the importance of taking time to not just do fun things (shop, party, lunch with the girls)...
...taking time to chill with ourselves.....nurturing our bodies, minds, souls.  

   *  Let's share our Chill Skills with the Men in our lives  * 


Next time we think he needs time with the boys or to stare at the TV...........suggest something a bit more Zen.  He may need a little guidance from us gals since this might challenge his way of thinking more than we may realize.  

Questions:  How did you see your Father relax when you were growing up?  Did he? are sometimes held to this standard that if they show that they are stressed and "not in control" or "not the perfect Husband or Father" all the time...then they are weak or not successful.  THAT is what causes health problems and relationship issues...with Mom and the children.

How does your husband chill out?  Do you think you could teach him a few new techniques that you use?

What better excuse to give some of the men in our lives a little Zen Lesson than FATHER'S DAY!

Check out these Man-Friendly Hunki Dori goods!


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