Using the Stainless Placemats. So there. December 29, 2012 00:04

The Hunki Dori Blog has officially launched:  7:24pm May 9th, 2013.  It's been a wild year with little time to dedicate to ramblings and anecdotes.  Rare is there a block of "free time" where I swing serendipitously in my seldom used hammock, cocktail in hand reflecting on the day.  Just as waiting to use the good china or the only place mats that are stain-free...waiting to blog when I have the time will never come.  Life is always busy and has a funny way of zipping by.  The list of "to do some day" continues to grow.  

Listening to the news and reading headlines this week has forced me to take a break from the hyper-drive treadmill.  The "break" was more of a quiet 20 minute car ride which allowed me to think and to count my blessings. "Use time wisely, thoughtfully and with purpose", I told myself. 

There is nothing special about me. I am just like many of you. If not you, then maybe I am the woman next to you in line or in yoga or waiting in the doctor's office.  I have some life experience but am the master of nothing....and never will be, which I happen to love..that idea that we all continue to evolve, grow, learn.....can't get "too big for your britches" that way.

Sometimes I'll be thoughtful and reflective, like today.  Other days I'll pull out my sarcastic, dry wit.  The rest of the time I'll be a concoction of both and want to share information with you, funny thoughts, great ideas, photos and such.  Just like I won't feel like "blogging" won't feel like reading it that's good.  

I just imagine all of you as friends.  Friends that I have not met and most likely will never meet.  What do we share?  Happy times, stuggles, hobbies, stories, values, experiences.....and this is what I'll share with you.  Grab a could get crazy.